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Irrigation Solutions & Water Management


Our team of irrigation experts can assemble complex and unique irrigation solutions to fit your particular landscape design. An effective irrigation system is essential to sustaining a functioning landscape. We have the in-field experience to solve your irrigation issues and deliver water exactly where it needs to go. When you consult Pebble Creek Landscaping for irrigation needs we will evaluate your site conditions to determine what kind of requirements are needed to deliver the most effective water management system. 

Drip Irrigation – Xerigation

In order to enjoy a thriving softscape during the hot summer months of the Nashville and Franklin areas, proper water application is going to be the heaviest weighted determining factor in your success. Your irrigation is the most precious commodity that should be utilized without unnecessary waste. By utilizing Xerigation, you can pinpoint exactly where you want to irrigate, greatly increasing water efficiency. This will not only save you money but also provide healthier plants for your landscape. Drip irrigation can be used for large-scale agricultural plots of land or small scale gardens. The ability to “drip-feed” the plant’s root systems as opposed to broadcasting an entire section of the garden or field reduced waste-water immensely. Contact Pebble Creek Landscaping for all your irrigation solutions.