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Landscaping can help your home look as beautiful on the outside as it does inside. Rocks are a great way to landscape, because they are durable, widely available, and have a variety of different looks.

Unlike grass, you can use rocks as part of your landscaping in any climate. You’ll save time and energy because rocks don’t require the kind of maintenance that yards and gardens do.

Rocks have so many benefits, and they create incredible walkways, water features, and more. Read on for some simple ideas for landscaping with rocks!

Picture of a landcaper carrying a large rock.

Landscaping With Rocks | Pebble Creek Landscaping

Disguise Problem Areas

Do you have an unsightly section of your yard that you wish you could do something about? Some yards have areas where grass simply won’t grow. Other homes have awkward hills or slopes.

No matter what you struggle with in your yard, landscaping with rocks can help. You can combine rocks with plants and even grass to create an eye-catching focal point in an area that was once an eyesore.

Don’t feel trapped due to problem areas in your yard. In front of your home or behind it, rocks and boulders can turn any area into an attractive display.


Create Low-Maintenance Focal Points

If you love having a beautiful yard but don’t have the time to take care of it, rock landscaping can help. Consider combining rocks with mulch to create a beautiful area that is both serene and simple to care for.

Rocks offer natural beauty without requiring significant upkeep, so they are the perfect way to bring the feel of a carefully crafted yard without the constant work normally associated with excellent landscaping.

If you don’t want to use large boulders, consider landscaping an area with colorful beach pebbles to add warmth and interest to your yard. No matter what theme or look you have in mind, there are rocks that can create it.


Use Landscaping with Rocks as Ground Cover

If there’s an area where you’re considering using mulch as ground cover, think again. Rocks can be an excellent way to landscape. It’s not as inexpensive as mulch, but it will last much longer.

You’ll have to replace mulch every season. Over time, that adds up. When you use rocks as ground cover, it will last a lifetime. You can also get different colors and styles to create visual contrast and help brighten areas of your yard.

You can also use stones to draw attention to specific plants or parts of your yard. Stones are perfect for low-light areas where plants struggle to grow. Rocks do more to discourage weeds than mulch, and will help your yard look incredible.


Create a Natural Retaining Wall

Normally a retaining wall is made of concrete, but think outside the box and consider a stone retaining wall instead.

Retaining walls have a variety of benefits. They provide support to keep soil in place. They are helpful for preventing flooding and help to avoid erosion.

A natural retaining wall gives you the many benefits of protecting your property and surrounding buildings without the eyesore of concrete. Using boulders and other stones are environmentally friendly and gives you a lot of options in how your wall looks.

You can use your stone retaining wall as an outdoor seating area or create terracing and gardens at different levels of your yard. Many homes could benefit from a retaining wall. Consider making yours with stone!


Use Stone Landscaping Around a Pond

Creating a pond in your backyard can create an idyllic scene. Unfortunately, there are parts of a man-made pond that can be unsightly. Landscaping with rocks can help.

Use stones to cover up the pond liner and create a natural border to your water feature. You can skip the concrete and construct a fairytale landscape around your pond using rock landscaping.

You can get any kind of look you want by choosing different stones and colors. Once you’ve chosen the stone, use rocks that are similar in size but irregular to create a strong but organic look.


Use Rocks with a Container Garden

The fact that you have a smaller yard does not mean that you cannot enjoy landscaping with rocks. Smaller yards can often benefit from a container garden, and using rocks can help you give your container garden a standout look.

Many people simply set containers on a deck or patio, but you can go further. Create a rockscape and place the containers on top. When you surround pots with a color of stone that contrasts, the small smooth pebble can create a dramatic focal point.

If you keep the garden within reach of a sprinkler system, you don’t even have to worry about watering the garden separately from your yard.


Landscaping with Rocks is Perfect in Arid Areas

Most homeowners in Franklin, TN have traditional yards filled with one feature: grass. This definitely has its benefits, like easy upkeep, but looking at grass every day is less than inspiring.

Landscaping with rocks is a great answer. The rockscapes will naturally fit in with the surrounding wooded areas nearby. You can create a functional rain garden as a stormwater solution and other outdoor spaces by separating these areas with a beautiful rockscape. The fact that it’s easy to care for and has a striking appearance just makes it better!


Create Paths with Stone Landscaping

Stone landscaping isn’t just for your front or backyard features. You can also use stones to create a relaxed, natural walkway. Whether you choose to create a path between a deck and a hot tub, or a walking path up to your door, rock landscaping is perfect.

Stone paths should be carefully constructed and lit to keep them safe. There is the possibility that stones can settle, creating a tripping hazard. However, when you maintain the path and light it well, it can create a beautiful, inviting pathway through your property.

Are you interested in helping your yard look its best, but you’re not sure where to start? We’re here to help. For more information about how we can transform your outdoor space, contact us today!